about ms. p

I like long walks on the beach, gothic novels, and travel…oh, who are we kidding here? I’m a teacher who is trying to inspire my students – and myself – to Be Something Great. I’m a student who is a dedicated life-long learner.

My school is Korea International School. My students are the best. My life is good (even when it’s not).

This website is about my educational philosophy and how I am attempting to incorporate those ideas into my curriculum. I like to challenge myself, challenge accepted norms, and try and find a space in-between where my students and I can learn TOGETHER.

Come learn with us! It’s fun…well, it’s fun sometimes. No, most of the time. Okay, honesty time: not all the time, but as much as possible. Please comment, please check out my student’s blogs and comment on those, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me cultivate an online community where individuality isn’t encouraged – it’s required.

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